By: India Warren-Hicks On: March 17, 2016 In: Nationals Comments: 5

The Day 3 Diary has been written by India Warren-Hicks, member of the WA Women’s Youth Eight

Day 3, Wednesday 16th March

Temp: 18-27°C
Feels: Excitement with a touch of rain
Fun fact: Jimmy forgot to take a zootie to the course today so spent majority of this morning trying to find one.


Pascale 3rd in U23LW1x repechage (through to A final)

Gav and Fraser Pensini 4th in U21M2- repechage (through to A final)

India 3rd in U21W2- repechage (through to B final)

Maria 8th in OLW1x repechage (through to B final)

Janelle (WARC pal) 1st in OLW1x repechage (through to A final)

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - Pencils

What’s going on:

The UWABC/Wests clan is healthy with no gastro in sight!

Everyone is really bonding and working well together – each night we catch up at 8pm with the whole clan and plan the next day and go over how the day went for everyone.

Maia is busy studying for the Gamsat and we all wish her luck for her exam on Saturday.

Shout out to Tom Horton, Nick Wakeford and Joe Tamigi for doing a great job organising the big squad and driving cars! And to Tom for being the best coach ever and cycling down with everyone’s race and keeping the nerves controlled.

Thea Adamson (past UWABC member) came for a dinner and a sleepover on Tuesday night! Was awesome to catch up over sweet potato mash, chicken schnitzel and veggies.

New Names:

Max Montanari now ‘Slut drop’

Thea Adamson now ‘Gypsy’

Nick Wakeford now ‘Tricky Nicky’

Pascale Ketelaar now ‘Swirl’

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - India

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - Maria

Maria Othzen, OLW1X

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - Pencils

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - Pencils

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - Pencils

UWABC Nationals Day 3 - Stands