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Membership Details

Annual membership begins in March each year and fees are payable by 31 May. There are a number of membership types with varying costs, access to facilities and conditions. Unless otherwise stated, all membership types include access to club equipment, organised training sessions, the shed and facilities during the regatta season, and GST.

Extra costs will apply to access the facilities and train during the summer.

If you’re racing, you will also incur fees for each event you enter.  Factor in at least $200 for a typical pennant season.  Obviously the more events you race, the more costs you will incur.  (See Other Fees below)

During the season, squads can only access equipment on their designated training days, except by agreement with the Captain. Coaching and access to our Canning facilities out of season will again incur additional charges.

Club Service

UWA Boat Club is primarily a student-based club. Therefore, to keep our fees as affordable as possible, all members are required to assist with:

  1. Boat maintenance days
  2. Club fundraising (whether organised by the club, or by individual squads)
  3. Assisting at a regatta hosted by the club
  • Open/Masters squad members are required to attend 2 volunteering events per season.
  • Novice squad members are required to attend 1 volunteering event per season.

Failure to assist the club may result in a $50 levy being applied to the member.  Make sure you sign in at maintenance days.

Membership Fees

By applying for membership with the club, you become part of the Boat Club Community, and so make a commitment to the club and all activities associated with being a member including full payment of fees. Therefore, there will be no refunds on membership.

NB: All fees are inclusive of GST

The Rowing WA fee is paid directly when you register or renew your membership, this covers insurance.

The UWA Boat Club Membership Fee is paid by invoice after you’ve registered.

More information on registration and fees here.

* Age is calculated as the age you will be on 31 December of the current year

Membership fees must be paid upfront at the beginning of each season. A strict payment plan can be requested by those that require financial assistance, however, paying via installments is not an offer of partial membership. The only exception, as we are a student club, is to UWA exchange students, who are only in Perth for one semester. There are also discounts for Australian Representatives.

Other Fees

Oar Fees:  An event nomination fee (aka seat or oar fee) of $13.50 per person per event is charged. Competitors will be invoiced after each event unless otherwise informed. State Championships and Elizabeth Quay regattas incur different fees and are subject to change. Please direct any queries about fees to the Registrar.

Private Storage: Limited storage space for UWABC Member’s private equipment can be arranged by application at a cost of $220 for a single scull, or $330 for a double per annum (plus insurance if desired). For more information, please refer to Private Equipment and Storage.

How to apply as a new member

If you are new to our club, or have not rowed with us since 2016, please visit https://www.revolutionise.com.au/uwaboatclub/registration/. Please read the instructions carefully before registering your application for membership. Ensure your email address is one that is checked regularly and that your date of birth is entered correctly.

How to renew your membership application

If you have been a member at any point since January 2016, please follow the instructions and choose the “Renew” button at https://www.revolutionise.com.au/uwaboatclub/registration/. Please read the instructions carefully before renewing your application for membership. Please ensure your email address is one that is checked regularly and that your date of birth is entered correctly.


The non-refundable Rowing WA registration fee must be paid at the time of registration/renewal. You will then be issued with an invoice for the remainder of your membership fees. Financial assistance is available in the form of a payment plan, to arrange one please contact the club Registrar. You must pay your first payment or part payment within 2 weeks of registration to row.

Throughout the year you will be issued with invoices for membership fees and any regatta fees/fines or other charges you incur. Payment options and instructions will be included on these. Please include the invoice reference number with all payments.

If on a payment plan, regular agreed payments must be maintained so that all fees are paid by 31 August. All other fees (including regatta fees, private equipment storage and insurance etc) must be paid within 30 days. Failure to pay will result in you being prevented from rowing or transferred to another club until payment is made (or a payment plan is negotiated with the Registrar).

Payments may be made via credit/debit card (this will incur a 2% +$1.60 service fee) or bank transfer. For all bank transfers please use the invoice reference number as the description.

How to view and update your details

Following an application for registration, you will be emailed a username (if you forget this, use the ‘forgot login’ facility), providing access to our membership system (Revolutionise Sport) at https://www.revolutionise.com.au/uwaboatclub/. This enables you to view and update your details, to upgrade your membership type if necessary. It also allows you to order UWA merchandise through the SHOP tab.