Private equipment such as single sculls and oars can be stored at the UWA Boat Shed at the Captain’s discretion. The UWA Boat Club recognises that such equipment is expensive and treats all boats with the utmost care. Below are the criteria used to determine who qualifies for boat storage, given that space is always at a premium at a large and growing club. An application form is also included at the bottom of this page.


  1. The UWABC Private Boat Policy and Process was endorsed by the UWABC Committee on 9 April 2013.
  2. The prioritisation system for allocation of single scull rack positions forms part of this policy.
  3. The committee has delegated accountability for allocation of rack space to the Club Captain.
  4. The Club Captain will apply common sense and fairness and make decisions consistent with the values and objectives of the club when allocating rack space.
  5. The self-scoring points system is a key input into the allocation decisions however the Club Captain retains the discretion to vary from the outcomes of the ranking system where appropriate and consistent with point 4 above.
  6. Where two or more members own a scull or use a scull, the points systems will apply to their cumulative competitive history/contributions and usage.
  7. Where two or more people have the same number of points, priority will be given based on:
    1. Those who share their boat with nominated squad rowers. These rowers will be discussed and agreed with the boat owner by either the Captain or Vice Captain. The squad rower will show respect and care for the private boat that they are using.
    2. Time the member has had their boat on the racks or waiting list.
    3. Values and objectives of the club.
  8. Only full financial members* can apply for single rack space (the same rule as for regatta entries). Where two or more people own a boat, all members must be full financial members.
  9. “Significant contribution” means 3+ years on the committee, coaching or other contribution (if claiming please include on your application) etc. It does not include patron status or donations to the club.
  10. Any boat stored in the UWA Boat Shed with no completed application form or payment for racking space voids their access to racking and the scull can be moved at the Captain’s discretion.
  11. A boat stored in UWA Boat Shed for a period of two years with no private scull application form will be used at the discretion of the Captain. Every effort will be made to contact the individual owner of the scull advising them that the club will utilise the scull in exchange for boat storage or to remove the scull from the shed.
  12. After a period of 3 years with no communication or contact in relation to a scull storage, the UWA Boat Club may sell/dispose of the scull to create space and recoup storage costs.

To apply, please complete the attached Private Single Scull Rack Application Form and submit to the Club Captain: captain [at] Please note that partially completed application forms will be automatically rejected.

*You must be a member to store your scull at the shed.  If not also rowing with a squad you can choose private rowing member.  This allows you to store and row your boat from the shed.  If you also want to row with a squad you need to choose a club rowing membership.