Boat Capsize Guide

UWABC Boat Capsize Guide

Please read carefully the above guide for important reminders, example scenarios, towing instructions and bailout locations.

Navigation Lights on the River

It is a safety requirement that all rowing boats have a white light that can be seen from all angles on their bow. To ensure this UWABC has allocated 1 light for every boat. It is the safety officer’s responsibility to oversee all lights and ensure they are operational. However, it is YOUR responsibility that your light is working before you leave the beach. Fresh batteries are available from the Safety and Boat Maintenance Officers. This is a serious issue and boats will not be allowed out, if no such light is on the boat. The water police can, and will, fine you for inadequate lighting.

All paddle craft must exhibit a torch or lighted lantern showing a white light in sufficient time to prevent a collision.

Powered vessels under 12 metres must exhibit one of the following:

    • Separate or combined sidelights, a masthead light and a stern light.
    • Separate or combined sidelights, an all round white light.
    • Masthead or white all round light shall be carried at least 1 metre above the sidelights.

All dinghies have this equipped, and it is the responsibility of the drivers to make sure they are working before they leave the beach. Dinghy drives are also required to the kill-switch cord attached to their person at all times whilst driving the dinghy.

If a fine is incurred, these fines will be passed on to the coach in the dinghy or the rowers in the boat in question.

For more information about Lights Required on Boats, please visit Please contact the safety officer, safety [at], if you have any questions or concerns.