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Fun Fact: Swirls thought there was a dead rat on the van ride to the course. There wasn’t.

The nerves were feeling a lot better after getting over the first day of finals racing, and we were excited to see how many more medals we could bring back after the success of yesterday.

The weather suggested a cool and wet day was ahead, which was not at all unwelcome for us who had arrived in Sydney during their recent heatwave. It also supplied us with more amazing photographic opportunities.

The majority of my morning was taken up getting the trusty Simon Lee set up and ready for our try at the Under 23 Men’s Coxless four, which was being raced by Gavin, myself and Ruan Greyling and Robbie Packer from Westies. After a tough race in the A final (only 7 entries) we came out a narrow fourth. Guess the tandem just wasn’t enough :’(

While that was going on Uni members were preparing all over the place, from Biggy Jimbo on the erg getting ready for his 3 lighty events, Sir Rimmington (aka Tim) just chillin, or ‘Bending Fins’ Bree and Bronnie with special guest Holly in their composite coxless four.

Jimmy making weight

On the way to the start line we passed the girls race in the four at the 500m mark and they looked to be in a comfortable lead even then, going on to smash it and get Gold!

Gold for Holly, Bridget, Bree and Bronnie in the U23 Women's Coxless Four

From there the medals continued to stream in with a big haul from Biggy Jimbo himself, notably in the lighty men’s coxless four where they won with a lead of at least 2 lengths of clear water. India also had a good hit out in the coxed four with the Freo girls, they have another chance tomorrow with the same combo but as a quad.

Maia and Janelle had an intense race in their lighty double scull in a very competitive field with a number of international boats from China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

With Pasc ‘Swirls’ now in the Victoria Cup, the clubble fell to Caitlin and Hannah with their heat on in the arvo. It was only top two through to the final, and unfortunately they missed out with a 3rd placing, so onto the repecharge tomorrow.

We rounded off the day with some training in our respective state crews. After finally piecing the Laurie together and getting it race ready we got the youth eight out on the water for a little paddle and gave the other states a little bit of intimidation.

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U23 Men's Coxless Four

Bree & Bronnie

U23 Men's Coxless Four