The boat club is not the only user of the river at any time of day (including for morning sessions). The following map is designed for easy understanding of where every boat needs to be (depending on direction) at all times on the water. These routes are critical to prevent collisions with other rowers from both our club and nearby clubs. A few key points when using the river (click each image to enlarge):

River rules showing Mts Bay Rd


    • When heading from the Narrows Bridge to Heirisson Island STAY WIDE! We have the whole river to use so please stay wide you don’t need to cut back in until you get to Heirisson Island.


    • Westies course: The westie’s course CAN be used for race pieces but make sure you are following the river rules. Beware spit posts and submerged objects.


    • Narrows bridge: We always go through the middle arch of the narrows but make sure you stick to the right-hand side of the arch. Look up to see the green light heading away from the shed, and the red light on the way back.


    • Blue shed: Do not head in too close to the blue shed as there are submerged rocks and an unlit spit post (a yellow and black south cardinal marker). Stay wide of the spit post and don’t try to cut across bank side.


    • Beware of ferries: You are not faster than a ferry so wait for them to pass and make sure to look before cutting across the ferry channel. Also, they will leave wake, so stay away as they pass you or you’ll be flipped into the water.


    • When coming home: You must stick to the bank until you have gone past the restaurant (KU-DE-TA at Point Fraser, to the west of the Causeway) and past the first red spit post of the westies course on your stroke side (see map below), from here you MUST give way to any boats coming in the other direction. If there are no boats coming, you may cross perpendicular to the westies course leaving ~50m between yourself and the westies course so boats using the westies course can travel in the opposite direction.


    • Causeway: When heading towards Trinity/Burswood go through the arch to the east (right if heading towards Burswood) that does not have a red and green light on either side. When heading home towards the shed, head through the middle arch – this is the one with the red/green spit posts on either side. This is a most important rule. Mess this up, and you’ll probably collide with someone.


    • New Bridge – When going past Trinity through the construction of the new bridge please slow down (only rowing fours or pairs in eight) this is squishy so make sure you are aware of boats around you. This is changing frequently depending on the construction progress, and this handbook may not necessarily reflect the most recent change. Exercise caution.


    • Be aware of other boats on the river.


When rowing on the river it’s really important that you know where you are supposed to be. Don’t just rely on your coaches or coxswains. If you have any questions or this makes no sense, please ask the captain, vice-captains, or your coach.