Dedicated to the Water – Sterling Silver Crossed Oars Pendant

ANTIKA Jewellery sells the Dedicated to the Water sterling silver crossed oars pendant.

Antika Oar Pendant

The Dedicated to the Water Crossed Oars Pendant, designed by architect and ANTIKA jewellery designer, Kelly Aris, was the brainchild of her sister, Anthea Aris.

UWA Social Rowing

Anthea is a keen rower and frustrated by the lack of fine rowing jewellery on the market, decided to make her own. Encouraged by her enthusiastic rowing crew, she tasked Kelly with designing an elegant, yet strong pendant – a bit like the women in her crew! Kelly took inspiration from rowing videos of Anthea’s crew to create her contemporary design.

Produced in sterling silver with rhodium finish, it is of the highest quality. The pendant dimensions are 25mm x 15mm.

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