All committee positions are elected at the AGM held in October each year, with the exception of the general committee members, who are elected in April-May at an OGM. To vote, you must be a fully paid member.


The President is responsible for the long-term management and planning of the club and is the Chairman of the Board. The position involves guiding the Committee in making decisions and ensuring they keep on track with the financial obligations of the club. The positions of Captain, Director of Administration and Treasurer report to the President/Board.

Position Held by: Jeremy Gillbanks

Vice President (High Performance)

The Vice President – High Performance is responsible for the club’s High Performance (HP) vision and program.

Position Held by: Timothy Widdicombe

Vice President (Alumni Relations)

The Vice President – Alumni Relations is responsible for assisting the President and Board to execute the club’s Centenary Fundraising Appeal, and to establish and service the ‘annual giving’ program. They are also the point of call for ongoing communication with our alumni.

Position Held by: Karlie Payne


The Captain is responsible for delivering the club’s rowing programs and the smooth operation of the activities of the club on a day-to-day basis. The Captain enforces the club’s rules and guidelines. The positions of Men’s Vice-Captain, Women’s Vice-Captain and Boat Officer report to the Captain.

Position Held by: Max Montanari

Director of Administration

The Director of Administration is responsible for the administration and smooth operation of the club, in particular all non-rowing specific activities. The positions of Registrar, Assistant Secretary, Safety Officer and Social Secretary report to the Director of Administration.

Position Held by: Tiffany Brown


The Treasurer is responsible for the finance of the club and ensuring all planned expenses are paid on time. They are responsible for the long term financial planning of the club.

Position Held by: Samuel Jaschke

Vice-Captain (Men’s & Women’s)

The Vice Captains (one male, one female) are responsible for the day-to-day management of their respective squads. They also assist the Captain with the organisation of racing and training.
Positions Held by: Joe Caspersz-Loney & Sophie Rowe

Boat Maintenance Officer

The Boat Maintenance Officer is responsible for management of the club’s fleet and equipment. They are required to coordinate the repair and maintenance of all equipment used for training and racing. In addition, they are required to plan for future maintenance of equipment.

Position Held by: Angus Rowe


The Registrar is responsible for maintaining club membership registers and is responsible for the collection of fees.

Position Held by: Lynne Mannolini

Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary is responsible for assisting the Director of Administration in the day-to-day administration of the club. This involves items such as disseminating information, taking meeting minutes, collecting mail etc.

Position Held by: Kate Fortina

Safety Officer

The Safety Officer is responsible for all aspects of safety at the boat shed, in particular on-water activities.

Position Held by: Harry Cooke

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for all social events run by the club.

Position Held by: Izzy Emery

General Committee Members

General Committee Members have no official duties but it is an opportunity for a new member to get involved in the committee to learn its function. They are the foremost assistants at all events, demonstrate an example of outstanding membership, and organise the celebrations after State Championships in September.

Positions Held by: Kelvin Fewings & Elise Rattigan