The UWA Boat Club Committee are a group of tireless volunteers who keep the club running behind the scenes. Get to know their faces and say hello when you see them around the shed.

Holly Child, Captain

Holly joined the Boat Club in 2012 in her first year at UWA. Her favourite present was a lecturer’s gift voucher to Ned’s. She enjoys a chat while she exercises, loves the Swan, and loves Perth. She is studying Environmental Engineering.

Jeremy Gillbanks, Director of Administration

Jeremy joined the boat club in 2011 in his first year at UWA. He loves the sound of eight oars together at the catch and can be found at Ned’s café on Broadway every morning after training. He is currently studying electrical engineering.

Joe Caspersz-Loney, Men’s Vice Captain

Joe joined the boat club in 2014. He loves that rowing has a place for all levels of ability, and has a sick social scene. He is currently studying Conservation Biology.

Sophie Rowe, Women’s Vice Captain

Sophie joined the boat club in 2014 and loves the idea of having a little family at the boat club. She is studying Nursing.

Luke Burges, Boat Maintenance Officer

Luke joined the boat club in 2013. In his own words,
“Rowing is an incredibly unique and special sport at any level of competition. As it is often less popularised by the media and in general, there is an entire world of opportunity and experiences available to anyone, which often goes by unknown to many. The people associated with rowing in any form, be it experienced athletes, coaches, novices or club volunteers, are typically like minded and genuine. I have involved myself in many different sports over the years and although each sport has its own appeals, none have compared to what rowing offers.

The people you meet and the experiences you share together are the ones that will last a lifetime. Often in sport there is no hardship or achievements that you experience together with your team and club as you do with rowing.

The thing I perhaps find most amazing about rowing would be how encompassing it is to all. Rowing really does accommodate to everyone from all ages, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. You don’t need to be tall or strong or anything you would expect to have the most rewarding experience of your life, whilst accomplishing goals you never would have otherwise set yourself.

Rowing has been one of the greatest additions to my life. My biggest wish is for as many others as possible to be given the chance to have the same experiences I have been lucky enough to have.”
He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering.

Laura Mead, Safety Officer

Laura joined the boat club in 2016. She relishes the community involvement and the opportunity to row with athletes of all abilities and backgrounds. She is studying Marine Science.

Lynne Mannolini, Registrar

Lynne joined the club after a fun Learn 2 Row course in 2013 and began her racing career in 2014. She loves working together as a team, the camaraderie within the squad, the magic of still water and sunrise at morning training. She is a librarian and provides IT support at a local primary school.

Samuel Jaschke, Treasurer

Samuel joined the club after a fun Learn 2 Row course in 2014 and began her racing career in 2015. He loves getting out in a boat on a perfectly calm morning as the sun is rising. Those are the mornings where the boat runs nicely through the water, and everyone’s rowing is just a little bit cleaner. He also loves a post-training banana bread and coffee at Ned’s. He is studying Mechanical Engineering.

Chris Morley Social OfficerChris Morley, Social Officer

Chris joined the boat club in 2012 and loves meeting new people and the excitement of racing. He is studying Occupational Therapy.

Max Montanari, Assistant Secretary

Max joined the club in 2015. He loves racing in eights and how you can get nine people to come together to achieve the goal of winning through working together to get maximum speed out of the boat. He is studying Mechanical Engineering.

Lewis Almond, General Committee Member

Lewis Almond joined the club in 2017. He likes long walks on the beach with the wind flowing through his hair. He is studying.